“FEMINATIVES – artist, author, creator” group exhibition at Gallery 3u10
"FEMINATIVES - artist, author, creator" group exhibition at Gallery 3u10

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The FEMINATIVES exhibition is a presentation of works by three wonderful women who create in completely separate techniques, the works of each of them have their own character and style, and their common denominator is LANDSCAPE. You are cordially invited on a journey to your “private spaces”, to which the presented works will undoubtedly take you.

Exhibition information:

Duration of the exhibition: September 29 – October 20, 2023

Exhibition opening hours:

  • Monday-Friday: 12:00-20:00
  • Saturday: 10:00-18:00
  • Sunday: closed
  • please note the gallery’s working calendar in the CONTACT tab

Admission: FREE

Location: 3U10 Gallery, St. Jana Karola Chodkiewicza 3 /u10, 02-593 Warszawa, Mokotów

The FEMINATIVES exhibition is a presentation of works by three wonderful women:

Aleksandra Zielińska- Misiun, oil painting, Ewa Mróz, acrylic painting/structured paste, Aneta Szoltis – Mencina, lost linocut,

They create in completely separate techniques, the works of each of these artists have their own character and recognizable style, and their common denominator is a LANDSCAPE, sometimes direct and obvious, and sometimes as if peering through a fog full of understatements. We cordially invite you all to an amazing journey through “your private spaces”, because the landscapes of these artists are not only views, but also an excuse for a journey inside themselves, the passion with which they create gives their works a rich emotional layer, which further conquers the visual value and does not allow you to pass by indifferently, the sensitivity and attentiveness that their paintings and prints have in them mesmerizes and captivates the viewer on his private journey.


Paintress and fashion designer, born in 1977 in Łódź. Thickly applied colors of oil paint blending together on the canvas is the hallmark of her painting. The artist is not limited to classic tools like a brush or spatula, if a piece of wood or a teaspoon allows her to get the desired effect, it means that they are the right tools for the moment. According to the author, using such a painting technique allows her to create unpredictable, surprising visual and structural effects, which makes her works unique.


Born in 1988 in Oława, she describes herself as an artist from birth. For twenty-nine years she searched for an artistic way of expressing herself to finally resound in acrylic painting on canvas. At first, it was very expressive and colorful, just like the artist’s character. Over the years, they have been placed at the opposite pole, peace and quiet, which, as she says, is a counterweight to herself. Soothing colors of the earth, delicate drops embedded in a characteristic structure, all integrated in nature Nature, which changes with the seasons, grows, matures just like her painting.


Born in 1980. Skoczowianka of origin, lives and works in Częstochowa. Graphic designer, educator and mediator. He runs his own studio, where he devotes himself entirely to his passion – creating. Graphics are made by hand from start to finish, only in a few copies. She draws inspiration for her graphics from her love of nature, mountains and birds. It seeks constancy in the variability of the environment. Her goal is not to faithfully reproduce the view of nature but rather the impression she experiences when looking at it. She works intuitively and spontaneously, the graphic matrix is a field of unlimited possibilities for her. The colors of her graphics reflect her current state of mind and melancholy character.


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